elsö nap (jegyzeteket#1) premier jour (notes#1)

Sunday 19 October 2008

to write to write here

use :
the dictionnary, and a grammar, at first
everyday life
hungarian books

the dictionnary is a plan
the dictionnary is a set of directions
each word open something in the opaqueness

what is the plan ?

before knowing reading and speaking, the image is the way of knowledge
the image, associated to the said and heard word, is a guide
an image is recognized because the word associated with had been heard when the image had been seen, seen et seen again

an image doesn’t need any translation

NB : I think I recognize other languages in the streets , greek, turkish…
listening to hungarian walking in the city, I think I hear sometimes "french like", even if it’s merged in an incomprehensible context
in the flee market of Varosliget, I truly heard somebody speak greek nai nai nai daxei daxei daxei daxei nai nai

to be a foreigner here, in a town which is not a foreign one, but a town in this very country

I look for something to recognize, but what to recognize, what, in the unknown

I’ll stay here itt three months, close to Dob Utca Dob street
for tc pronounce ts / for u pronounce oo / for sz pronounce s / for gy pronounce dee / for ö pronounce the i of bird
for hello jo pronounce yo / jo napot

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