jegyzeteket#6 (ír, tehát) notes#6 (so, to write)

Sunday 23 November 2008

1. szóról szóra word for word
23rd november 2008
2. kívül out of
23rd november 2008
3. ír, tehát so, to write
23rd november 2008

1. szóról szóra word for word
23rd november 2008

the (self) loss
to the contrary

to be lost when we don’t speak the language…
the language allows to go faster
but keep at a distance
all the materials

to talk is to move too fast
or fail
that’s it
to leave
and in the same time
exactly in the same time
it’s to delay


to write in an forever foreign language
but to write in
to draw something in an at first undefinite space
dense, impracticable (?)
in one already made up space, to clear

a foreign language like a set of rushs
where you have to select, to take your time
slow down, return, return, find
and arrange, assemble, find the right forms
of passage of a plan (a word) in an other one (a word)
and build what is becoming the writing

and to do it in a isolate language
talked by few
isolated by the lack of many

to work in that langauge because it’s not a communicating one
because it’s at first a place for speech before being a vector

2. kívül out of
23rd november 2008

to be out of one’s own language gives to every act, every thing the quality of an event
to be in a time when the name of things is perform again, when the name of things is heard for the first time
no nostalgia, in no way
just to recover one’s strength

to be out of his own language to generate a unique succession of moments
where what is named gives access to the object without keeping it at a distance by a story

once after that first moment, discover and repetition, the use of word covers the object in a story and keeps it at a distance when transmitted to the other…

to find one’s mother tongue
it’s, immediately
to swing in an another space-time
and find the story, and all the stories in the same time
the others’ ones, those heard from the others
those we don’t want to hear, and which we hear
it is to be together in spite of one
it’s to leave the space of meeting
that is build when the vocabulary is learned
when gestures are learned
when is learned the depth which allows to recognize
and to understand

babel allows to be oneself
a determination, a position
whatever the flow around

3. ír, tehát so, to write
23rd november 2008

to write as we sight-read an unknown language
to write is an interpretation of words and their syntax
whatever are the already made sets
it’s the language went through by the Living
it’s the living went through by the language
to write is an event
something which can’t be hold in its whole because it has already happened when it’s written

NB : image is everywhere
but words, words, even more, we cannot avoid words
everywhere that talks
non stop
the society of information
it’s made of words, at first
not an image published without words
on newspapers, on television
words lead, inform, so
words are vehicles, vectors
words play bit parts
vehicles, used, singlelingual, monolingual
they skate over
on an official assignment
they cancel
they are no more a language

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