jegyzeteket#5 (honnan) notes#5 (from where)

Sunday 14 December 2008

1. tizennegyedik & tizenötödik napok
fourteenth and fifteenth days
2nd /3rd november 2003
2. 7th november 2008
3. honnan most újból from where now again
14th december 2008

1. tizennegyedik & tizenötödik napok
fourteenth and fifteenth days
2nd /3rd november 2003

the language is an environment
the set of all people who live then are its measurement

it begins… az elkezdődik
only just alig

to take up my position here itt állást foglalni
something of the nature of language is touched (still unexplained, inexplicable, with no name)
every day, the space of writing exists in an extent forever without any measurement

to work a language without knowing it

it is
to assemble words according to recognized forms
agglomerate them in a still absolutely uncertain sense and meaning
when, before, after, in the middle

to realize that the written forms are probably vague, since they are different according to unknown modes in french

everything collapses of what was, during the writing, right
only stays the imprint of that
and the firm and incredibly sensual feeling to have lived in a new duration, to have entered elsewhere

the language
where it exists for me only, it’s not yest hungarian, and already no more french

NB : it could reminds me the construction sets of the early age when I work in such a way, with elements which only begin to take their meaning

2. 7th november 2008

the question is
what happens then, when I write a language I don’t understand
or rather
when I write a language I understand only when I write it
(more or less)
those texts, at the very moment of writing and reading, are moments of fleeting understanding

writing, I come closer

the language is a character
it takes shape every time I write
(it draws) ?

The language is my fiction
to write in hungarian is a vague fiction


NB : I don’t write by translation, and the words in hungarian will stay forever, even if I know them od understand somehow, an abstraction

in a way, I work with formulas

3. honnan most újból from where now again
14th december 2008

to work the meeting

is to work on the process
every step from a to m

at the beginning, almost nothing, nothing to say probably nothing to say at the beginning
the whole together, at the beginning the whole together
it has to be find again
to be reprensented
what at first leaves its marks on all the senses
print, what makes that the meeting
by definition, escapes from the language
or escapes from the story
not from the language but from the story
to meet is like to learn a language but in a duration close to the present
close to what present could be if it existed
the meeting is a precise moment
it’s only that
can only be that
then comes the souvenir
the remembrance of what happened, which build a relationship, so
(etymologically), by definition, a story
the first set of sensations is moved into a story and then spread to the event

the whole work began here (erre, here) is to unfold that
to unfold what happened in the primitive times of the meeting
mute néma / hangtalan time
time without words idő nélkül szolk, time where the question of language is everywhere but still not assigned
where all the time is dedicated to what happens
the whole work, since, is to form that

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