jegyzeteket#2 (likacsossàg) notes#2 (porosity)

Friday 24 October 2008

1. porosity
22nd october 2008
2. first faltering steps
24th october, 6th day

1. porosity
22nd october 2008

is it about to create a specific space where to test something which deals with the movement of language ?

a question of zone
and of

in echo in "élöbeszéd" "living speech", by Kemény Istvan…

that project could lead to change structures of
my own language
could the magyar/hungarian integrate a form of writing absolutly strange for it ?

some germs to stretch something in that language

every language is porous, absorbing new words…

what kind of space for me in hungarian ?
the extensible space of language. an extensible space of work/thought
extensible until where ?

itt here
vagyok itt je suis ici
(I begin to be, here)
mindencél megfigyelni to observe without aim mindencél without aim megfigyelni to observe

that immediate sensation to write as is written a formula in mathematics , a succession of dynamics/vectors/states/modifications of states/etc. which leads to a solving

szerda Wenesday nap day/sun reggel morning
negyedik / nap / reggel

how to write in a language without to be of its history
in its history

menni mi felé ? to go towards what ?

I don’t understand today what I’ve written yesterday
I’m back to the surface of language, words became again formulas, agglomerates

stone and skin
a kö ès a bör the stone and the skin
what is seen, what is seen limits and confines
latni to see látszik that is seen

a kö ès a bör the stone and the skin látszik it is visible

that language is a huge territory
absolutly lonely

today fourth day ma negyedik nap the magyar is inpenetrable


hol where to write ír

[ I begin to recognize in written sentences the shape of verbs, the position of words, words ]

hol ír where to write / how deeply
meylik / milyen which one
fok degree  [1]

fok (hömérséklet)  [2]

NB : interferences are frequent
for example : itt (here) _ [3]

2. first faltering steps
24th october, 6th day

if I don’t speak, I’m not a foreigner
when I speak, I become the one who doesn’t know, who doesn’t know how to talk like everybody talks here
the speech differentiates, it’s a single strength, it’s a trap for the self
traps the self

in one word, to speak, it’s to give an intimate, a self accent to the language

imé here is
egy év one year
imé here is
egy év ráadásul one year more
ma most today now
és naponta and every day
naponta every day
naponta every day
egy év ráadásul one year more
ez az that’s it
kesz it’s done
ez így it’s like that
naponta kesz így every day it’s done like that
ez az that’s it
így like that
egy év még égyszer one year one more time
is ma today also
már ma already today
kesz it’s done
és semmi and nothing
semmi más(ik) and nothing else
ma most today now

obviously, it can’t be that, how could it be
a text
there is something possible and maybe also monstrous
a word, a couple of words, three words are the right ones and are they ?
at this stage, it’s a babbling gügyögés

what’s at stake is to work there ott in that destitution of my writing írás
to space out my writing írás tested by that language
to unbuild from my side and there ott (i.e. here itt)
the present state doesn’t have any here or there se itt se ott or nem itt nem ott
and probably it’s not enough
when that question will no matter, will happen the deciding. when a mutual space will be approached and wide enough to allow some movement.
for the moment, the writing, if I can define those attempts by that word, only allows brief incursions. brief, hard, uncertain, raw

it’s close to what translations deal with, but with a major difference : here I write directly in hungarian
I keep what I intend to say under the surface of my conscience, when it’s still a possibility, and look for the hungarian word or set of words (in memory, in poems, in dictionnary…

the less I have spotted / I know restricts and in the same time allows to widen lign after lign the scope szabad yes, to widen the common ground

ma most today now
semmi másik illik nothing else possible
se holnap se tegnap neither yesterday nor tomorrow
semmi másik nem lehet nothing else is possible ?
nem lehet it is not possible
màs nem lehet an other thing is not possible
ma, nem neither today
tegnap, nem nor yesterday
holnap, nem nor tomorrow
nem lehet that is not possible

there will always be that matter of distance
the one from where I work with the here
to face and to assess
what I want to say / write ír, there, here ott, itt in this way
from there where I am vagyok and from where they are vannak
which common ground ?
to tell oneself that the only possible action, at that very moment, is in writing, in the moment of writing in that emerging zone
the first action is this one, the writing írás. for that, the city space is a dynamic, and everything I get through walking, stopped, moving, etc. everything contributes to the loneliness (sensory box), so to the work and, in the same time, gives energy to meet the Other. opens the self to the Other…

NB : for the moment nothing in common between what I read and what I hear
on that 6th day, the link stays uncertain, totally unusual
beeing immersed here, to think that everyone speaks differently, everyone says in a different manner the words, pronounce vowels, words… in his own way


[1] _ fok degree
[ from ]

search for degree
degree fok
by degrees fokozatosan
in some degree bizonyos fokig
to some degree bizonyos fokig
positive degree alapfok
in the highest degree legnagyobb mértékben
rendkívüli mértékben
végső fokon
polynomial of even degree páros rendű polinom
to take an honours degree kitüntetéssel végez
all orders and degrees of men minden rendű és rangú ember
degree of risk kockázati fokozat => További találatok a
degree of disability rokkantsági fok => További találatok a
degree egyetemi diploma; fokozat; rang
degrees fokozat

[2] _ fok (hömérséklet)
pass degree elégséges osztályzatú oklevél
first-degree első fokú
third degree harmadfokú (kín)vallatás
of low degree alacsony származású
take a degree diplomát szerez
to a high degree nagymértékben
38-degree incline 38 fokos lejtő
degree / take a - diplomát szerez
to the nth degree az n-edik hatványra
comparative degree középfok
superlative degree felsőfok
first-degree murder emberölés
to a certain degree bizonyos fokig
second-degree murder emberölés
below / 3 degrees - zero minusz 3 fok
degrees / 3 - below zero minusz 3 fok
zero / 3 degrees below - minusz 3 fok
degree-hour method (növ) hőegység-számítási (növ)
all orders & degrees of men minden rendű és rangú ember

[3] itt here
to recognize in it a US acronym :
ITT for International Telephone and telegraphs

"About ITT Corporation ITT Engineered for life video thumbnail
View Engineered for life video
ITT is a vibrant part of the global economy. We are a high-technology engineering and manufacturing company with approximately 40,000 employees operating in 55 countries. Our portfolio of businesses is aligned with enduring, global growth drivers, and our employees bring extraordinary focus to meeting the needs of the people who buy and use our products and services in all the markets we serve.
Fluid Technology
ITT is a global water leader. Our products touch every part of the water cycle—delivering fresh water to communities and commercial businesses, treating and disinfecting it, transporting the wastewater and returning it to our streams and rivers cleaner than it came in. We are also a leader in supplying pumps and related technologies for handling harsh chemicals, mining slurry and industrial process fluids. Defense Electronics & Services
ITT is a trusted provider of mission-critical products and services that support the United States military and its allies. Our Defense group also develops space-based technologies that enable Global Positioning Satellite systems to communicate our precise location and allow weather satellites to help forecasters calculate when and where the next hurricane will hit. In many important ways, we are working to ensure a safer, more secure world. Motion & Flow Control
ITT is a global powerhouse in the motion and flow control market. We design, manufacture and distribute shock absorbers, fl ow control devices, friction technologies and other products for use in everything from beverage systems to commercial aircraft. Customers worldwide recognize ITT for our ability to deliver highly engineered, durable components that succeed in the harshest environments where the cost of failure is high.

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