to w(ri)te

Monday 15 December 2008

écr(ír)e to write, the project (june 2008)

it is the experiment of the meeting as a artistic proposition

it’s a surge, a work on receptiveness , a probation of the oneself towards the other

écr(ír)e to write is the experiment of other through one of his inner dimensions, the language

the project écr(ír)e to write, it’s stretch the time of the meeting, of its process
it’s to build a work, pieces in that time of its process

écr(ír)e to write is to spatialize one thought towards one another how, in that time of the first faltering steps, build links, forces, a meeting in depth

écr(ír)e to write is made, in its title itself, of the words "to write" twice : the longer is french, "écrire", the shorter hungarian (ír). it’s an image of two spaces of thought

écr(ír)e to write : to get lost and meet again oneself
to get lost finding the other, drifting, and to be permeated with
and meet again oneself : going towards the other from that new position of the being

it’s a geopolitical project of crossing real territories, tied up with places matched with linguistical territories
what are the possibilities of crossing/transfer… between a finno-ugarian language and a latin one, betwwen a French and some Hungarians, through the other’s language

écr(ír)e to write is not a translation, but an exploration of the other (the language)

at the end, so, écr(ír)e to write will be a textual device of the meeting and the swap

écr(ír)e to write for drawing a geography of shared word

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